About Us

RASS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (RASS) is a Bangalore based company that provides a range of hardware design, software services and solutions for customers ranging from small manufacturing industries to large automobile industries, telecom, defence and aerospace.

RASS offers its customers leading edge technologies, involving Micro-processors/ Micro-controllers, Programmable Logic Devices, Application Specific Integrated Circuits, Real-time Multi-tasking operating Systems, Device Drivers, BSP Development, DSP Technology and high performance digital and analog designs, VME/VXI Instrument Drivers (Plug ‘n’ Play and VISA) and Test Executive, Loop-back adapters, Protocols and software for Custom developed Instruments.

RASS has excellent in-house development facility and tools for the design, development, testing and integration of software. The team in RASS is well versed in the entire project design and development cycle following stringent quality procedures ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our development centre is located in 5000 Sq. Ft of own space with full-fledged Hardware and Software development and test facilities. With 35+ Engineers we have the necessary skills, experience and manpower to design and deliver solutions to customer requirements on time every time.

Our goal is to provide customers with the right technology at the right time ensuring project success. RASS aims at “First Time Right Solutions”. RASS thrives for quality, capability, maturity and continuous improvements. The objective of RASS is to fully understand the customers evolving needs and focus its expertise to provide the most cost effective services and solutions.