RASS has excellent competence and experience in building Bots for automating various tasks. DataEx is a product developed by RASS for Automated Document Data Extraction. The Bot employs parsing of the document, either a pdf or an image file and through character recognition process, picks the specified data from the document. The extracted data can be validated for correctness and accuracy. The extracted data can be populated into an excel or word document in a meaningful format and used for further processing or reporting.

The Bot has been developed with efficient Machine Learning algorithms, which makes the extraction of familiar data faster and more so from similar document formats, thus making the extraction process faster and faster with its use.

The DataEx automated document data extraction software can be customised to read any document and programmed to extract identified key data from the document. Customised extraction data files with required validations for correctness and accuracy of data can be done.

With its versatile nature, the DataEx software has found application and use in doing away with manual and laborious methods of data extraction from documents. Our product has been customised for application in extraction key data items from documents such as, Airline Invoices, Hotel Invoices, Vendor Invoices, Payment Vouchers, GRINs, etc., and being used by several corporates.